Published Work

Below are links to some things that I wrote and they were deemed good enough to be forced on the public through a medium which is not Word Press or Twitter. Yes, it is mostly football related, but there is also that one hilarious attempt to review a musical person whom I have never heard of. Classic. There were some more but I can’t seem to find the links now, whatever.

A Different League
Five Days To Save Arsenal’s Season
Published 24/08/2011
Is The Pressure Finally Getting To Wenger?
Published 22/08/2011
What If Wenger Doesn’t Spend?
Published 19/08/2011
The Dawn Of A New Era?
Published 17/08/2011
Reasons To Be Cheerful
Published 16/08/2011
Young Guns Set For Run Out
Published 22/9/2009
Gunners Crave a Leader
Published 15/9/2009
Is Nicholas Anelka A Diamond Geezer?
Published 27/8/2009
Ligue 1 Round Up – Week 3
Published 26/08/2009
Ligue 1 Round Up – Week 2
Published 19/08/2009
Ligue 1 Round Up – Week 1
Published 14/08/2009

My review of Mr. Fogg – Stung (scroll down a tad)
Published 22/09/2010
Top 10 Veterans Staking an England Claim
Published 4/2/2010
Euro 2012 Draw Reaction
Published 12/2/2010


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